About Kjærgaard

    Cross-functional full-line supplier

    The continuing survival of the industry is to a great extent dependant on Danish companies’ ability to maintain and expand their competitiveness.We see this as our finest task to meet this particular challenge.

    Kjærgaard is a modern company with roots in proud crafting traditions. The company was founded in 1921 as a traditional electrical installation business with a store in Løsning.

    Today our head quarter is situated in Løsning, and we have departments in Fredericia, Odense, Skive and Dronninglund, where we employ about 170 competent industrial electricians, building electricians, technicians and engineers, who work every day to optimize processes and workflows in Danish industrial companies.

    Increased efficiency, reduced energy consumption, improved IT infrastructures and a high degree of automation are some of the parameters where the industry has room for optimization in order to maintain and improve the competitiveness on the global market, which happens to be exactly where our competencies and strengths lie.

    Kjærgaard – the innovative partner of the industry

    CVR- og bank information:

    CVR-no.: DK 54 97 48 17

    Bank information:

    Reg.nr.: 5471 Account no.: 0001593937
    IBAN: DK0754710001593937




      RobFlex – High speed pick and place

      RobPack - Automatic and flexible packing

      RobPal - Low cost palletizing

      RobSpector - 3D inspection & sorting of pallets