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    AGV/AMR solutions

    Automate your internal logistics with AGV/AMR solutions

    We focus on being able to meet companies’ different internal logistics needs with easy integration and implementation in existing environments as one of our strengths.

    AGV vs. AMR – our total advice is your safety

    When it comes to the pros and cons of an AGV vs. AMR, we can advise and deliver the right and future-proof solution the first time. With several carefully selected subcontractors, we can, with our wide range, solve the vast majority of tasks when it comes to, for example, internal pallet transport. Our range includes solutions from Karter, Robotize, Nipper and our own K7 Carry, which is a converted Linde truck.

    Business benefits

    AGV/AMR solutions contribute with increased efficiency, release of employee resources and sound business development in your company.

    • – Increased productivity
    • – Fast ROI
    • – Runs at all times of the day
    • – Increased safety in case of fewer collisions and accidents
    • – Reduction of damage to goods
    • – The technology can be integrated into existing operational activities
    • – Less physical strain on employees
    • – Reduces labor costs
    • – Scalable solution
    • – Short running-in time


    Find the AGV/AMR solution that suits your business

    At Kjærgaard A/S, we have a wide selection of AGV and AMR solutions – and we can tailor the solution that best suits your company’s needs and finances.

    Contact us and learn more about our selection of both AGV and AMR solutions.


    Model: Cart Lift with 750 mm lifting height





    Maximum competitiveness – Minimum costs

    By its very nature, large savings on labour costs are achieved with AGV/AMR solutions, which, with the exception of charging, can work around the clock. At Kjærgaard A/S, we operate with a payback period of down to two years and with attractive lifetime costs (TCO), which overall have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

    Quick and simple to implement

    We offer simple AGV/AMR solutions at minimal cost. Virtually any company can benefit from our AGV/AMR technology, which can be quickly and easily integrated into existing operations. We build our solutions on a simple set-up and based on proven Linde solutions. We see it as a logical extension of current technology.

    Buy or lease

    Get a tailor-made solution that best suits your company’s finances. We offer a wide range of options within purchase and leasing. We have developed special solutions for small and medium-sized companies that, with a short delivery time and a proven AGV/AMR technology, can contribute to a competitive operation.

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