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What is a cobot?

Cobots are cost-effective, flexible, secure and user-friendly collaborative robots that can work closely with people in production environments. Collaborative robots make automation easier than ever for even small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to technological advances, cobots are the future of the automation industry.

Why cobots?

Collaborative robots are designed to work side by side with humans. This makes automation easier for businesses of all sizes. All of these benefits have made our cobots value-creating in a wide range of applications.

– Easy programming

Users with no programming experience can quickly set up the collaborative robots and operate them using intuitive 3D visualization. Simply move the robot arm and show the movement it has to perform, or press the arrow keys on the user-friendly, touch screen.

– Quick setup

Where it used to take several weeks, the robots can now be taken into use after just a few hours. Our customers say that the average set-up time is only half a day.

– Flexible automation

It is quick and easy to move the robot to new processes, and in this way it becomes possible to automate almost all manual tasks, even with small batches or quick changes. The robot can remember programs for recurring tasks.

Automation with cobots

Cobots are particularly useful for performing production tasks within pick and place, quality control, packing & palletizing, as well as handling tasks such as machine fitting.

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