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We develop customized controls for all types of production equipment such as machines, conveyors, robot cells and complete production lines.

Through more than 30 years of intensive focus on the industry, we have gained a thorough knowledge of many different industrial production processes.

We offer complete solutions using the latest technology and provide a detailed legal documentation package with all our solutions.

Unlike many other companies, we do not function as a system house for a single hardware supplier but work with customer-specified equipment and systems where the customer has a higher degree of freedom to choose the particular solution that best suits the purpose.

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    Daniel Seidlitz
    Sales Manager
    Tlf: +45 7565 0000


    RobFlex – High speed pick and place

    RobPack - Automatic and flexible packing

    RobPal - Low cost palletizing

    RobSpector - 3D inspection & sorting of pallets