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Kjærgaard has a team of specialists in optimization, troubleshooting, design and network installation; both cable and wireless at its disposal.

Our competencies in network building and maintenance are very widespread and among others include:

  • Structured cabling, PDS
  • Installation of fibre optic network – for example connection between administration and production buildings
  • Installation of wireless network
  • Troubleshooting of network
  • Online access and configuration of all equipment in the network

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    Casper Nicolai Lund
    Account Manager, Kjærgaard IT
    Tlf: +45 7565 0000
    Mobil: +45 4080 0139


    RobFlex – High speed pick and place

    RobPack - Automatic and flexible packing

    RobPal - Low cost palletizing

    RobSpector - 3D inspection & sorting of pallets