With data collection and actual OEE measurements we can measure the pulse of your production.

We work with data collection on many different levels. Some customers want permanent data collection in order to extract frequent reports of throughput and efficiency levels. Many of them want continuous monitoring of production data so the entire company can keep up with the production capacity and efficiency. Others want a brief collection and analysis of uptime, throughput and events for a single machine or process.

Manufacturers of all types and sizes can increase production, reduce costs and increase quality by utilizing existing equipment and labor more efficiently.

This can be achieved by using a professional platform which, through detailed reporting of the real factory activities, provides accurate, relevant and specific information on the performance of the production apparatus.

This data provides the basis for understanding the causes of inefficiency, waste and lost capacity. Armed with this understanding, companies are able to refine and prioritize process optimization thereby achieving lower downtime, shorter production cycles and ultimately increasing overall productivity.

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