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When we set up a server room, there are many critical factors to consider. This is due to the fact that operational reliability is undoubtedly paramount, as the servers are the heart of any company’s IT solution.

We offer a wide range of different server types, meanwhile adding more compact and energy-saving servers.

In connection with the interior design, we advise on our deliveries within:

  • Design and interior design
  • Wiring and installation
  • UPS generator
  • Transient protection
  • Monitoring, cooling and ventilation
  • Security against theft and fire

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    Casper Nicolai Lund
    Account Manager, Kjærgaard IT
    Tlf: +45 7565 0000
    Mobil: +45 4080 0139


    RobFlex – High speed pick and place

    RobPack - Automatic and flexible packing

    RobPal - Low cost palletizing

    RobSpector - 3D inspection & sorting of pallets